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It’s a highlight of one of the most popular cruise routes in Europe. Sailing past the Budapest Parliament building when it is lit up at night is definitely an Instagram moment on any visit.

But since the tragic accident that saw 27 Korean tourists die and seven rescued after a collision between a river cruise ship and a tourist vessel, the evening light show has been off limits for cruise passengers.

Many river cruise lines have voluntarily stopped the popular tours, including AmaWaterways, which is APT’s river cruise brand.

Now the government has banned the larger ships from sailing after 7 p.m. while officials continue to investigate who was at fault in the accident, according to trade newsletter Travel Weekly.

In the aftermath of the collision, it was revealed that two different authorities controlled the ships sailing on the waters in front of the iconic building. So no one body had oversight of how many vessels were on the river at one time.

Overcrowding has always been an issue in the area as the popular Amsterdam to Budapest route is one of Europe’s favourite.

Many residents have called for restrictions, but it is not clear whether the current curbs will stay.

The captain of the cruise ship was arrested and later released on bail. An investigation is ongoing and there is one body still missing.