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Viking Cruises has launched its own TV station, Viking.TV,  to bring the joys of river, ocean and adventure to your lounge room.

“If we cannot for the time being bring our guests to the world, let’s bring the world to our guests,” says Viking executive vice president Karine Hagen in a video posted on the homepage of Viking.TV.

“Right now, we are all staying at home instead of travelling together, but that does not have to mean that the only thing we can do is watch the news,” she added.

Karine Hagen

Karine Hagen


The new digital platform has been conceived as a way for the Viking community to stay connected and share positive experiences when people are staying at home.

You can even visit Highclere Castle, where Downton Abbey was filmed, and take a tour with Lady Carnarvon.

“A Viking journey is about cultural enrichment and learning. It’s why we’ve become known as The Thinking Person’s Cruise. So while we mightn’t be able to travel right now, we remain committed to helping you explore and learn. Whether you’ve interested in the arts, history, culture, cuisine or science, you’ll find it at your fingertips with Viking.TV,” says Michelle Black, Viking managing director Australia, New Zealand.

With Viking.TV, you can access Viking destination highlights from around the world. It will also feature reading lists, films and playlists by popular itinerary so visitors can read, watch and listen their way around the world at home.

Highclere CastleThere’s also Kitchen Table, a digital cookbook on Viking.TV with recipes by country and you can also submit your own favourites recipes.

Viking.TV is also offering “Conversations with Karine and Friends” each morning with livestream lectures, conversations, roundtable discussions and Q&A. Subjects to be covered include museums, resident historians, music and wellness focus on yoga and meditation.

For more information visit vikingcruises.com.au or telephone 138747.